When is the Best Time to Visit Milan?

when is the best time to visit milan

Weather-wise, some months in Milan are more pleasant and touristy attractive than others. Having lived in Milan for 3 years now, I have a pretty good idea of when it is the best time to visit Milan and which are the months to avoid.

If you are planning a trip to Milan shortly, this blog post will help you choose the right month to travel to Milan and make the most out of your trip without preoccupying with the weather. At the end of the post, you will find a month-by-month weather guide with main events and discover which month of the year is the best time to travel to Milan.

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When is the best time to visit Milan?

Milan is a touristy attractive city all year round as something is always happening. Some months, however, are more inviting than others.

The best times to visit Milan are most certainly spring and fall. Not only does the city turn gorgeously pink in spring or orange in fall, but the two seasons are also perfect temperature-wise.

Spring in Milan

Plan your trip to Milan anytime between mid to late March to mid/end of May. The weather is mostly sunny and pleasant (18-25 degrees Celsius). You can catch blossoming trees in the last days of March or several events and activities at the end of April (Design Week, Fuori Salone, Fashion Week,…). May tends to be hotter but not unbearable, perfect if you are a fan of warmer weather.

Here are some ideas of what to do in Milan in springtime:

spring in milan - when is the best time to visit milan
via abramo lincoln, best instagrammable places in milan

Spring in Milan

Fall in Milan

Falltime in Milan is equally beautiful. Chances for rainy weather are slightly higher, but the temperatures remain pleasant until mid-October. Pack up your thin jacket or a trench coat and you’re good to go! 

This is the season when the city becomes alive again after the summer vacation and all activities, including bars and restaurants restart after the summer break.

What to do in Milan in the fall:

fall in milan - when is the best time to visit milan
Navigli Antique Market - best street markets and flea markets milan

Fall in Milan

When not to travel to Milan?

The two seasons I would avoid when planning a trip to Milan are winter and autumn. Polar opposite seasons but each with some annoying weather. Read why below.

Winter in Milan

Milan in winter is exceptionally humid. Even though Milan’s winters are mild (not below 0 degrees), winter humidity gives a freezing feel, and that’s coming from someone used to snow and cold temperatures. The days are short, with sunlight between 6 am and 3 pm. Milan is also a good friend of foggy weather, meaning there is a high chance you won’t see more than a few meters in front of you. The pollution in winter is extremely high and you can truly feel it, I noticed some locals got used to wearing masks on the worst days. 

On another note, Christmas time is lovely to visit despite the weather. It’s common for bars, shops, and restaurants to put out Christmas lights which make the streets particularly pretty. Each year, there is a Christmas Market at Duomo, and traditionally two large Christmas trees – on the main square and inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

What to do in Milan during winter time:

winter in milan - when is the best time to visit milan
winter in milan - when is the best time to visit milan

Winter in Milan

Summer in Milan

I highly recommend avoiding Milan in summer, unless you are okay with heat and humidity. Temperatures go as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Milan is a concrete jungle with not too many green spaces. Combine that with the high pollution and the fact there is barely any wind (there are no flowing rivers in the city) and you get to conditions that are simply unpleasant. You will be sweaty and sticky even before you leave the hotel and showers do not even help.

Many Italians do leave the city, especially during August. This results in Milan turning into a ghost town with more mosquitos than people. Joke aside, you will rarely see any locals and the streets of Milan will be deserted. Bars, restaurants, shops, and many businesses are closed for Ferragosto vacation (usually the first 3 weeks of August) so finding anything open will be a challenge. On a good note, the sun does not set before 9 pm.

If you decide to come to Milan in the summer anyway, here are some ideas:

summer in milan - when is the best time to visit milan

Summer in Milan

Seasonal guide to weather in Milan

January is rainy, foggy, and dark with the coldest temperatures (around 0 degrees)

February is a lottery with the weather, it can be either dry and pleasant (5-8 degrees) or rainy and humid.

March is great to visit, with spring weather and temperatures between 9 and 18 degrees. It can be rainy at times. Spring officially starts and the city starts blooming.

April is the best month to visit Milan with pleasant temperatures (20+ degrees), less rain and the day gets longer due to clock change. The city turns green in April.

May is still pleasant temperature-wise, with some days hotter than others. Ideal if you enjoy sunny and warm days for your trips.

June is, similar to February, a lottery for the weather. The temperatures are either similar to May or similar to July.

July is simply too hot and too humid, I would not recommend traveling to Milan in July.

August is similar to July in terms of temperatures and also the time of holidays in Italy. Most of the bars, restaurants, and activities are closed, which makes August the worst month to travel to Milan.

September is nice with pleasant weather, still around 20 to 25 degrees. Activities reopen and Milan comes back to life. Definitely among one of the best months to travel to Milan.

October, more specifically, the first half of October is good to travel to Milan. Expect between 10 – 18 degrees. The second half of the month is usually more rainy with cold days starting.

November is one of the most depressing months in Milan. Rainy, foggy, and cloudy most of the time. No one here likes it. Like in August, I do not recommend traveling to Milan in November.

December is good to visit if you enjoy Christmas decorations, Christmas markets, and gift shopping. Otherwise, the days are cold and dark.

To quickly sum up

In conclusion, the best months to visit Milan are in spring (March and April) or during the early fall (September and early October).

Summer and winter months are better for planning trips elsewhere in Europe. If you need some guidance or ideas on where to travel in Europe, explore my destinations tab.

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