12 Ideas For Daily Trips From Milan You Will Love

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Spring days are fast approaching and who wouldn’t want to use those for a daily trip to one of the beautiful Italian cities? I know I will! Did you know that Milan has one of the best locations for daily trips in Italy? If you live in Milan or are simply visiting Milan as a tourist, you will love these 12 ideas for daily trips from Milan.

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Visiting Milan? Welcome!

If you are coming to Milan, welcome!

Below are some of the tips you might find useful about Milan:

12 Ideas for daily trips from Milan

The list of 12 ideas for daily trips from Milan is based on Milan as a starting point but you can start almost anywhere since Italy has a well-connected train system between larger cities. 

Below is an overview of the cities to visit:

  1. Genova
  2. Bergamo
  3. Torino
  4. Lake Como
  5. Venice
  6. Verona
  7. Parma
  8. Lugano
  9. Pavia
  10. Lake Garda
  11. Mantova
  12. Florence

1. Genoa

Distance from Milan to Genova: 1 hour 30 minutes by train

Train tickets: Buy train tickets to Genoa

Genoa is a perfect destination if you are looking for a trip in Italy that includes beaches, sunset views, and a whole bunch of history combined with good food, namely the original pesto Genovese. Perfect idea for a daily trip from Milan in spring or early summer days.

Read what to do in Genova in a day

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Genoa

Porto Antico di Genoa

Daily trip from Milan: Genoa

2. Bergamo

Distance from Milan to Bergamo: 50 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Bergamo

Bergamo is a picturesque city in the northeastern part of Lombardy full of charm and history. The city is historically divided into two parts. Città Alta – the older upper district full of cobblestone paved streets, small historical squares, delicious pastry shops, and typical restaurants, and Città Bassa, the newer part of the town located around the upper city.

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Staying overnight? Book your stay in Bergamo

Bergamo view

Daily trip from Milan: Bergamo

3. Turin

Distance from Milan to Turin: 1 hour by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Turin

Turin is a business city and capital of Piedmont in northwestern Italy with breathtaking views of the Alps. Turin is also the birthplace of Fiat, the famous Italian car brand. Attractive to tourists for its rich artistic and cultural heritage, grand museums, architectural masterpieces, and piazzas full of life, Turin is the perfect place for a day trip from Milan.

What to do in Turin?

  • Visit one of the many museums – Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Egyptian Museum, Juventus Museum
  • Admire Piazza San Carlo
  • Head to Palazzo Reale
  • Walk through Parco del Valentino
  • Go for a sightseeing walking tour with one of the local guides

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Turin

piazza vittorio, torino, italy-438449.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Turin

4. Como Lake

Distance from Milan to Como Lake: 1 hour by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Como Lake

Como Lake or Lago di Como is the third largest Italian lake, right after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Lake Como proudly holds the reputation of being one of the nicest Italian tourist and living destinations. The area is full of charming little towns, elegant villas, and lush green gardens and is a second home to several celebrities.

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Staying overnight? Book your stay on Lake Como

Lake como, lago di como italy

Daily trip from Milan: Como Lake

5. Venice

Distance from Milan to Venice: 2 hours 30 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Venice

Who doesn’t know Venice, the charming Italian canal city built on over 100 little islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea? Venice is famous for its dashing architecture and bridges and is the home of the annual Venice Carnival. Ah yes, it is also a famous film location. Since Venice is a bit further from Milan, I recommend staying overnight.

What to do in Venice:

  • Visit Piazza San Marco, the main square of Venice, and see Basilica di Sant Marco
  • Cross the famous Rialto bridge
  • Enjoy a cruise with a gondola on Canal Grande
  • Visit the colourful Murano and Burano islands

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Venice

architecture, building, nature-1835749.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Venice

6. Verona

Distance from Milan to Verona: 1 hour 15 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Verona

Verona is a city in northern Italy rich with history and culture. It is particularly famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Some even call it the most romantic town in Italy. If you are looking to fall in love with a city on your one-day trip, Verona is the one.

What to do in Verona: 

  • Visit Juliet’s house with the famous balcony that inspired Shakespeare
  • Pass by Verona Arena
  • Relax on Piazza delle Erbe
  • Embark on a Romeo & Juliet guided tour

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Verona

city, travel, tourism-6812705.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Verona

7. Parma

Distance from Milan to Parma: 1 hour 15 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Parma

Parma should be on every foodie’s list. It’s known for two specialties particularly: parmigiano reggiano and prosciutto di parma. Parma is not yet an overcrowded tourist destination thus ideal for everyone who wants to escape the crowds of larger cities.

What to do in Parma: 

  • Visit Cattedrale di Parma 
  • Admire the local churches
  • Visit Palazzo della Pilota and Teatro Farnese
  • Go for a walk in Citadel Park
  • Cross the river Parma to explore Parco Ducale and its surroundings

Read what to do in Parma in a day

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Parma

italy, parma, place-5226982.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Parma

8. Lugano, Switzerland

Distance from Milan to Lugano: 1 hour 15 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Lugano

Lugano is a city in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Lugano sits next to a beautiful lake Lugano and is surrounded by mountains and vineyards. Being in Lugano gives you a mix of the Swiss feel and the Mediterranean. Lugano is a great travel destination or weekend getaway if you live or you are visiting northern Italy.

Read how to spend two days in Lugano

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Lugano

Parco Panoramico Paradiso - What to see in Lugano

Daily trip from Milan: Lugano

9. Pavia

Distance from Milan to Pavia: 30 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Pavia

Pavia is as close to Milan as it gets. Within 30 minutes you can explore this small Italian town with many architectural masterpieces. With its ancient University – Pavia is today home to many Italian students.

What to do in Pavia: 

  • See Duomo di Pavia
  • Visit the Church of San Michele
  • Stop by Castelo Visconteo
  • Cross Ponte Coperto

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Pavia

Daily trip from Milan: Pavia (source: lombardia.info)

10. Garda Lake

Distance from Milan to Garda Lake: 1 hour by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Garda Lake

The Garda Lake is a popular vacation spot due to its crystal clear waters, green surroundings with campsites or agritourism, and small towns by the shore. It is particularly popular for the daily trip to Gardaland, the amusement park with guaranteed fun for all generations.

What to do on Garda Lake:

  • Explore the coastal towns of Garda Lake (add Sirmione and Limone to your list)
  • Visit Gardaland Resort
  • Hike to Monte Baldo
  • Head to a water park, enjoy nature, play golf, or swim in the lake

Staying overnight? Book your stay on Garda Lake

port, lake, architecture-6587104.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Garda Lake

11. Mantova

Distance from Milan to Mantova: 2 hours 30 minutes by train

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Mantova

Mantova is a beautiful historic city in northern Lombardy and one of the destinations I would recommend you visit for either a weekend or as a stop on your Italian trip. Perhaps you have not heard of the city before and that’s okay. It’s not a common stop among travelers but that gives it a special charm. Mantova is surrounded by 3 lakes and is known especially for its rich architectural legacy

Read what to do in Mantova in a day

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Mantova

Piazza delle Erbe, mantova

Daily trip from Milan: Mantova

12. Florence

Distance from Milan to Florence: 2 hours by train 

Train tickets: Book train tickets to Florence 

Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, is home to Renaissance masterpieces and architecture. You likely know the city by its famous Duomo or Michelangelo’s David Statue. If it is your first time hearing this, it’s about time to visit Florence!

What to do in Florence:

  • Visit Piazza del Duomo
  • Explore Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery that displays the David statue
  • See the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
  • Cross Ponte Vecchio (and take an iconic photo)

Staying overnight? Book your stay in Florence

italy, bridge, water-3984986.jpg

Daily trip from Milan: Florence

Voila! These were our 12 ideas for daily trips from Milan

There are countless options and ideas for daily trips from Milan or other Italian cities. So many you could spend each weekend traveling if you live in Italy. From Bergamo to Florence, Venice, or Torino, each destination has its unique charm. And that is the charm of Italy!

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