10 Apps You Must Download To Live in Milan

10 apps you must download to live in milan

Milan has become super advanced technology-wise. There are many apps that can make your life in Milan easier. If you have just moved here, you might want some guidance on the basics, such as ordering a taxi or moving around Milan by public transport, read further.

I have been living in Milan for 3 years now and these are some of the apps I am using daily. Let’s have a look at the 10 apps you simply must have when living in Milan.

Note: this post includes affiliate links. I gain a small commission from the provider each time you click the link and book a service through it. That comes at no extra cost to you. Every little commission helps me run this blog and provide better content for you.


10 Apps You Must Download to Live in Milan

1. ATM Milano

ATM Milano app is the official public transport app by the company ATM that manages public transport. I already wrote about public transport in Milan and how to get a monthly pass with ATM, simply head over there for more information.

ATM Milano app, however, is amazing (surprisingly). You get to see live public transport updates, exact arrival times of buses and trams, and even purchase public transport tickets.

Alternative: Citymapper or Google Maps

2. Glovo

You might know Glovo from your home country. This popular food delivery app is a must-have when living in Milan. Glovo recently expanded into groceries delivery so if you feel lazy or lack the time to do groceries, you might as well order from a supermarket through Glovo. Moreover, you can now order from a pharmacy or send a package through Glovo. Pretty convenient, right?

3. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a food delivery app, similar to Glovo. Same as through Glovo you may now order groceries through Deliveroo – they cover Carrefour and Conad supermarkets. I personally prefer Deliveroo over Glovo for a better user interface.

Hint: Deliveroo and Glovo often offer promotions on certain restaurants. When choosing a restaurant, check on both platforms as the same restaurant might be cheaper on one platform.

Hint 2: if you are employed in Italy and your company offers you Edenred ticket restaurant bonus, you may use those on food delivery from some restaurants on Deliveroo (and Glovo)

4. The Fork

If you prefer to eat out rather than order takeaway, you have to download The Fork. The Fork is a restaurant booking app that offers discounted prices to some of the best restaurants in Milan with discounts of up to 50%. Pretty cool money-saving hack in our expensive Milan, right?

All you need to do is book a restaurant through the app and show the booking when paying at the restaurant.

5. Immobiliare and Idealista

Immobiliare and Idealista are two must-have apps for everyone looking for housing. Immobiliare and Idealista are housing platforms where you will find apartments and rooms for rent in entire Italy from both, private owners and real estate agencies.

6. ShareNow / Free2Move

ShareNow (recently joined with Free2Move) is my favourite car-sharing app in Milan. It’s super easy to use. Simply create a profile, add your driver’s license and you are good to go. You can reserve your car in advance and do not need anything but your mobile phone to lock/unlock it.

You pay the price per minute of car usage. What is best, with ShareNow you can drive wherever in the city (except on tram lines and taxi lanes – be careful not to get in the wrong lane as the fines are sky high) and park wherever you find a spot. 

Alternative: BikeMI or RideMovi for city bike rentals

7. FreeNow

FreeNow is ShareNow’s app for taxi services. It works similarly as ShareNow and might be the cheapest choice when choosing a taxi app.

8. InTaxi

InTaxi is another alternative when booking a taxi in Milan. Instead of calling a taxi service, you order directly through the app and follow your driver on their way to reach you. Useful if you do not speak Italian yet.

9. Uber

Yes, Uber has made its debut also in Milan. Uber’s services are definitely on the pricey side and not for everyday use, but a good and fresh alternative when the taxis are booked (which is often). One thing I fancy about Uber is knowing the cost of your ride in advance. With taxis, on the other hand, you never know how much you will pay. 

10. The International Women of Milan Facebook Group

Not exactly an app but rather a Facebook Group you must join if you are a girl/woman in Milan. The International Women of Milan group is for women only, creating a safe space to share questions about Milan. They have many WhatsApp groups you can join depending on your interest and meet up with like-minded girls for sports, aperitivo, or coffee! 

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