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Lake Como or Lago di Como is the third largest Italian lake, right after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Lake Como proudly holds the reputation of being one of the nicest (and most expensive) Italian tourist and living destinations. The area is full of charming little towns, elegant villas, and lush green gardens and is a second home to several celebrities.

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The city of Como is located in the far southwest of Lake Como, on the Swiss-Italian border. Its location amidst the green hills and crystal clear blue water gives Como beautiful sceneries all year round. Como is home to some fantastic attractions and a perfect destination for a one-day trip as well as for all those, planning to stay longer.

Antique market on the streets of Como City

Antique market on the streets of Como City


If you do not have a car, trains are the best way to reach Lake Como. There’s a direct train route from Milano for 4€. I usually grab a train from Milano Cadorna, but you can do so from the other Milanese train stations as well. The trains run more or less all day, every 30 minutes.

Check your train tickets – if traveling with Trenord, the tickets are valid for all trains up to 3h after the train you booked.

While booking your train tickets, make sure to check the final train station. There are two train stations in Como – Como San Giovanni and Como Lago. The choice here is completely yours as both train stations stop in Como, but one on each side of the city. If you’d like to be dropped closer to the center I would suggest going to Como Lago.

TRAVEL TIP: Lugano is only an hour away from Lake Como, so why not consider visiting this picturesque Swiss city as well?


As with every popular destination, Como is always overbooked way in advance. If you plan to stay overnight, I suggest booking your accommodation early. Some of the best hotels and apartments can be found directly on booking.com (and tend to be cheaper than Airbnb). 

Check the map below to find the latest deals on fair prices in Como.



Besides this blog post, TripAdvisor should be your number one place to check what is worth visiting in Como and how the visitors liked the attractions. Let’s see what Como has to offer.


The city center of Como is a perfect blend of historical buildings with rich architecture, mixed with traditional bars and restaurants. When visiting the center of Como City, do not forget to visit:

  • The main square of Piazza del Duomo with the beautiful Gothic cathedral (Duomo di Como) 
  • Broletto, once a town hall, today a popular spot for art shows and exhibitions
  • Piazza San Fedele and Basilica of Sant Fedele
  • Piazza Volta and Piazza Mazzini
  • Piazza Vittoria and Porta Torre, which are the city gates, built in the year 1192, today surrounded by several bars and restaurants and the weekly antique market.

I recommend sitting down for breakfast in one of the local cafes on one of the city’s main squares and simply enjoying the atmosphere.

Duomo di como, como lago, italy
Duomo di como, como lago, italy
coffe place in lago di como, cappuccino como
porta torre, como lake

Como City Postcards (Duomo di Como, breakfast on Piazza San Fedele, Porta Torre)


After breakfast, head down to the lake for a walk. I do suggest heading to the left side of the lake as there are more attractions and things to do. Plus, you’ll pass on the right side in the afternoon.

When promenading down the lake, you’ll see the attractions in the following order:

  • Giardini a Lago, vast city lakeside gardens with benches and playgrounds, also a popular venue for culinary events and live music
  • Tempio Voltiano (Volta Museum), dedicated to Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the first electric battery
  • War Memorial, put up in memory of fallen World War I soldiers

The path further leads to Villa Olmo, which is the next attraction on the list. There’s a walking path built right by the lake. It is one of the most romantic paths you’ll ever walk on. It’s called Passeggiata Lino Gelpi. The path starts once you pass the sports center which is located by the War Monument. It’s a nice 10-15min walk, where you’ll be able to admire beautiful villas, hidden behind lush green gardens and see ducks, swans, and tortoises by the shore.

lago di como, como lake, italy, lakefront
lago di como, como lake, italy, lakefront

Giardini a Lago and Passeggiata Lino Gelpi


Villa Olmo is a neoclassical lakeside villa with a spacious garden on the shore of Lake Como. The villa is today turned into a prestigious location for art exhibitions and events. We were lucky enough to catch a local wedding at Villa Olmo! The gardens and the villa are open to the public throughout the year.

Villa Olmo opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 10 am – 6 pm (closed on Mondays)

The gardens opening hours: 7 am – 7 pm (October – March) and 7 am – 11 pm (April – September).

The best part – the admission to both is completely free!

Villa Olmo (source: Wikimedia)


As someone who is in love with pretty views, this is my number one suggestion. When visiting Como you absolutely must head up to Brunate (715m), a small town with panoramic views on the Como Lake.

Remember when I mentioned you’ll see the right side of the lake in the afternoon? Now is that time. To reach Brunate, you will need to take a funicular. Head to Piazza Alcide de Gasperi, close to Como Lago train station.

The funicular runs every 15 min and the ride takes about 5min each way. Take note that the tickets can not be purchased in advance and the queues for the funicular can be long (especially in summer), thus you might need to wait for up to half an hour for your turn. Tickets for the funicular come at 3€ (one way) and 5.50€ for a round trip.

funicular to brunate, como
views on lake como, lago di como, from top of brunate funicular viewpoint

Funicular to Brunate and view on the lake Como from Brunate viewpoint


Looking to explore Lake Como in a different way? Why not book a boat tour or rent a boat in Como to see the city from the water point of view?

If you rather fancy a swim in the lake, there are two popular public beaches on the Como Lake: Lido Villa Olmo and Lido Giulietta al Lago Como

Finally, when traveling to Como, why not pass by Milan for a day? It’s super convenient, a short 40min train ride and you’re already standing by Duomo di Milano!


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