The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Milan Street & Flea Markets

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Have you ever wondered if Milan has street and flea markets? The answer is yes, and not just one, but plenty! Despite being the ultimate fashion capital of Italy, known for expensive brands and VIPs, Milan is still big on vintage fairs and street and flea markets. 

You will find markets around Milan with vintage branded or non-branded clothes to flea markets of books, vinyls and furniture, jewelry, and farmer’s markets, full of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Here is your ultimate local guide to the top 10 Milan street and flea markets.

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Which are the ultimate Milan's flea and street markets?

Mercato Via Fauché

When: Tuesdays 8.30 am – 1 pm and Saturdays 8.30 am – 5 pm

The market in Via Fauché is for you if you are looking for authentic, made-in-Italy items. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the stalls display major brands at discounted prices and Italian clothing and jewelry brands. Note that Saturdays tend to be more crowded, but at the same time there are more stalls and more choices!

The easiest and quickest way to reach Via Fauché from the city center is by either trams 1 and 19 or by the purple metro. Learn how to navigate Milan’s public transport.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

Mercato in Viale Papiniano

When: Tuesdays 7.30 am – 2 pm and Saturdays 7.30 am – 6 pm

Mercato in Viale Papiniano is without a doubt one of the largest and the best markets for designer clothes bargains. With nearly a kilometer of stalls, this market is a goldmine for everyone looking for good deals on clothes, shoes, bags, and much more. While there, pay close attention to deadstock labels on items, which indicate a new and unsold item from fashion boutiques or outlets. 

The market is set on the parking spot between the two roads of the main trafficked street so it can get quite crowded at times. I would recommend you to go there early in the morning and pass by one of the best brunch places in Milan on the way.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

Navigli - Fiera di Sinigaglia

When: Every Saturday 8 am – 6 pm

Every Saturday, you can visit the oldest flea market in Milan, called Fiera di Sinigaglia. Just imagine, this market was first set in the 19th century!

Fiera di Sinigaglia is set down the Naviglio Grande canal and you can find everything there, from seasonal coats (winter or trench coats), leather jackets, and Converse shoes, to authentic house items from all over the world and vinyls and CDs. 

Need a hotel nearby? I have you covered – here is the list of best hotels to book in Navigli.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

Navigli Antique Market

When: Last Sunday of each month, 9 am – 6 pm

The Antique Market in Navigli is my favourite flea market in Milan. Every last Sunday of the month, the waterfront of the Navigli Canal transforms into Milan’s largest flea market with over 400 stalls, spread across 2km. It’s easy to lose track of time and spend the entire day (or at least half a day) at the Navigli Antique Market.

There is not a thing you can not find at Navigli Antique Market. Sellers from Milan and its surroundings showcase their antiquities, artworks and paintings, home decor and furniture, as well as vintage and branded clothing and other collector’s items.

Also here I recommend you to start in the early morning as the crowds in the afternoon are out of this world. Plus, the best bargains happen in the morning.

Navigli Antique Market - best street markets and flea markets milan
Navigli Antique Market - best street markets and flea markets milan

Navigli Antique Market

Duomo - Mostra Mercato di Antiquariato

When: Every second Sunday of the month, 9 am – 5 pm

The Antique Market in Duomo on Piazza Diaz is the place to be if you collect or simply enjoy second-hand items. This market specializes in books and old newspaper articles, but you can also find old photographs or postcards of Milan and Italy.

To give you a better idea, we have purchased a newspaper article from 14th April 1912 reporting the sinking of the Titanic.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

Isola Market

When: Tuesdays 8.30 am – 2 pm and Saturdays 7.30 am – 6 pm

If you are in Milan on a Tuesday or Saturday, you simply need to pass by the market in the Isola District in the northern part of Milan. Isola Market is a perfect combination of a Farmer’s market on one street, jewelry on the other, and clothes and vintage items on the third.

While there, take a turn and pass by Aroma Napoletano for a brioche with a twist, or head to Piazza Gae Aulenti to relax in the sun.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

East Market​

When: one Sunday per month (usually the second to last Sunday), but follow East Market’s website regularly for updates

The East Market is a market that offers an entire experience. Set in a former aircraft factory in Via Mecenante 88 in Eastern Milan, this market is a meeting point for hobbyists and dealers and the go-to spot for modern limited edition, antique, or second-hand vintage items. 

The size of the market is incredible. Imagine over 300 exhibitors from all over Italy and abroad offering the finest of items and over 10.000 visitors each time an East Market event happens.

Here are the things you will find at East Market:

  • Vintage and second-hand items
  • Home Decor
  • Music and vinyls
  • Limited edition streetwear and sneakers (e.g. limited edition Jordans)
  • Collectibles and toys
  • The food area full of street food

East Market is not for free. Entrance tickets cost 5eur and you can buy those either online or on the spot. I recommend to pre-purchase the ticket online to avoid the crowds.

east market milano

East Market Milano – photo by East Market

The Farmers' Market of Porta Romana (Il Mercato Agricolo di Porta Romana)

When: Every Friday 7.30 am – 2 pm

Where: Via Crema, Via Piacenza and Via Giulio Romano

Each Friday morning, the main streets of the Porta Romana district turn into the ultimate street market in the area. Also here one street is dedicated to vintage and designer items, the other to antiquities, and the third street to the Farmer’s Market fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are on the hunt for shoes or jewelry, I would recommend you to pass by. Last time I spotted several amazing items. The market is set in Via Crema, Via Piacenza, and Via Giulio Romano.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

Farmer's Market in Via Tabbachi

When: Every Saturday 8 am – 5 pm

The Farmer’smarket in Via Tabbachi between the Navigli canals and Bocconi University is the go-to place for fresh produce. You can get fresh fruit, vegetables, and local specialties, including different types of cheese, fish, and pastries.

The market is set on two streets (Via Odoardo Tabbachi and Via Balilla) and the nearby streets are closed to traffic. Some stalls also offer clothes and accessories, you will find those at the beginning of the market (next to tram stop 15 Castelbarco). If you are instead looking for fresh fish and sea products, head to Via Ballia.

Best to head to this market during the morning as usually products start running out after lunch.

the guide to milan's street and flea markets

These were the currently 10 best Milan Street & Flea Markets. If you are a fan of markets in general, I would recommend you to visit the one in Parma.

Read what to do in Parma in a day besides visiting the flea market.

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