Borough Market’s Best Places to Eat For Foodies

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Borough Market is without a doubt one of London’s best spots for food. The vibe on Borough Market is spectacular. Imagine your favourite food stalls, buckled up under the train tracks with occasional trains passing by, thousands of lights to set the mood, and the smell of food wherever you go. And these are Borough Market’s best places to eat for foodies!

What is amazing about Borough Market is how conveniently it is located. You will find it right under the London Bridge, which makes Borough Market a perfect pit stop if you’re exploring the nearby attractions. Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and Tate Modern, to list a few. The nearest tube station is at London Bridge, literally a minute’s walk away.

Borough Market is a great choice for first-time visitors (trust me on this) and returning visitors as there are always new tasty food choices. These are some of the “must-try” street foods at Borough Market.

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The food stalls on Borough Market are open six days a week, from around 9 or 10 am to 4 or 5 pm. Borough Market is closed on Mondays. Mind that the opening hours mentioned above are for the entire market and not the specific stalls. To find when your favourite food stall is open, best do a quick Google search. 

1. The Black Pig

The Black Pig’s toasted ciabatta sandwiches are legendary. For a little over £10 you get two sandwiches, filled with roaster pork, veggies, and sauces. You can easily split the two sandwiches with a friend to save some space for other specialties. Unless you are starving, then take your own portion.

The Black Pig’s most popular sandwich is “The Best One”, made of slow roast free range pork shoulder, honey truffle mayo, green salsa, fennel and apple slaw with parmesan and peperoncini oil on toasted ciabatta. It tastes as yummy as it sounds!

And in case you’re vegetarian, don’t worry. The Black Pig also offers a veggie option, replacing pork with smoked scramoza cheese. If anyone has tried it please let me know, I’m curious about the taste!

the black pig london sandwich - the best one by cafesandvoyages

Instagram: @theblackpig_ldn

2. Bread Ahead Bakery

Bread Ahead Bakery offers freshly baked bread, cakes, pastries, and even sourdough pizza. Their specialty however is the viral creme brulee doughnuts, the reason for a massive queue next to the stall of Bread Ahead. Bread Ahead uses British-sourced quality ingredients in their products, making them as yummy as they look!

Perfect choice for when the desire for something sweet kicks in!

3. Humble Crumble

Traditionally, crumble is a dessert made of seasonal fruit (these can be apples, berries, rhubarb, or similar) and served with ice cream.

Next on the list is Humble Crumble, a true British crumble bakery with crumbles that taste as good as they look. Humble Crumble adds a twist to the original recipe – they give you a chance to design your own crumble with a special topping (creme brulee, hot vanilla custard, granola), or choose one from the menu. What is best – they bake the crumble right in front of you and serve it hot!

If you miss Humble Crumble at Borough Market, you can also find them at Old Spitalfields Market or Camden Market.

4. Fish! Kitchen

If you’re up for a fish fix, Fish! Is the place to go to. You will find them across the street from Bread Ahead Bakery. Fish! Is a quality fish and seafood restaurant and a proud owner of a national award-winning fish and chips plate. Besides the famous fish and chips, Fish! Focuses on simple and classic fish dishes that you can either eat on the spot or take with you.

My suggestion is to go with the fish and chips. Can’t really say you’ve been to England without trying fish and chips right?

5. Kappacasein Dairy

Kappacasein Dairy is one of Borough Market’s legends, famous for two particular dishes:

  • their Toastie – the toastie is kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich with mixed cheeses
  • and Raclette – a Swiss cheese delicacy, with Raclette cheese melted and scarped over a plate of baby potatoes and served with pickles and black pepper

6. La Tua Pasta

The smell of La Tua Pasta brings you to Italy when you pass by their stall. Yes, that’s coming from a person who lives in Italy.

La Tua Pasta handmakes the pasta every night to deliver it fresh for you the next day. And what is better than a plate of fresh pasta? A plate of fresh pasta, cooked in front of you and paired with a ragu, butter sauce, tomato sauce, or tasty pesto. Go ahead and try your favourite.

*smacks lips in Italian*

Voila! This concludes the guide to Borough Market’s best food to try. Which is your favourite dish at the Borough Market? Drop me a message.

If you’re looking to discover more of London stay tuned as more posts like this will be coming shortly!

Let’s not forget, that Borough Market is only one of the many great FREE things to do in London.

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