The Best Parks in Milan to Explore This Spring

the best parks in milan to explore this spring

It’s finally springtime in Milan. After an unusually long and rainy April, May brought the first rays of sunshine to the city. And since nothing beats warm spring days, spent in the shadows under the trees of your favourite park, here is a list of the best 5 parks in Milan to explore this spring (and summer). Save this list of 5 parks in Milan to explore if you happen to be in Milan during the summer.

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Visiting Milan? Welcome

Here are some of Milan’s best tips from a local you might find useful:


1. Parco Sempione

I am starting the list with no other but the famous Parco Sempione. Parco Sempione is not only one of the largest green areas in the city center of Milan but also the park that’s most easily reachable. A 10-minute walk from the Duomo and you’re already relaxing on one of the benches under green trees.

Fancy a tram instead of walking? – Here is a guide on how to move around Milan by public transport

Parco Sempione is great for all sorts of activities. Perhaps the most popular are group activities, such as picnics or group sports (volleyball and football are quite common). Several Milanese come to Parco Sempione to walk their furry friends, run after work, or go for a walk. There are many bars where you can grab a bite (or an aperitivo) at a reasonable price. And if you are a family, this is a perfect spot to be as there’s a lake in the middle of the park, full of ducks, tortoises, and squirrels.

Make sure to visit the park during the day – parks in Milan at night are considered unsafe (I did not believe this until I moved here, back in my home country, Slovenia you can walk through a park at literally any time).

bridge, park, lake-3573802.jpg

The bridge in Parco Sempione

2. Parco Lambro

Parco Lambro, as the name suggests, is a green area located past the area of Lambrate. This used to be Milan’s largest park until some of its parts got torn down for road construction. Today, the park remains famous for its woods and the river Lambro.

It is a popular area to walk, run, or bike and even has a large area for dog walking. 

Parco Lambro (source)

3. Giardini Indro Montanelli

Giardini Indro Montanelli are the public gardens of Milanese’s fashion district – Porta Venezia. Located near the city center, these gardens are beautiful no matter the season. Come here in spring to admire the blooming spring flowers or in winter to go ice skating. Giardini Indro Montanelli are known for Palazzo Dugnani, a 17th-century villa with baroque frescoes and a museum, dedicated to cinema. 

Did you know? Some of Milan’s most Instagrammable locations are right by Giardini Indro Montanelli

iardino indro montanelli

Giardini Indro Montanelli (source)

4. Parco Monte Stella

I have visited Parco Monte Stella for the first time recently and it genuinely impressed me. Never would I have thought to find a hill in Milan (since the city is mostly flat), but there it was. Parco Monte Stella is a beautiful green area with a panoramic point overlooking the city. You can see everywhere from City Life to San Siro Stadium.

Parco Monte Stella is popular for walking and running, but you can also find groups playing football under the hill on the flatter green areas. The hike up to the top is about 10-15min and appropriate for beginners.

The area around Parco Monte Stella is a popular choice for budget-friendly hotels in Milan.

Parco Monte Stella with views on San Siro Stadium (source)

5. Parco delle Cave

Last but not least on our list of the best parks in Milan is Parco delle Cave. This gorgeous green area, the third largest green area in Milan, to be precise, is located in the Western part of Milan, past Parco Monte Stella and San Siro. The easiest way to reach it is by red metro line towards Bisceglie.

Parco delle Cave is famous for its 4 artificial lakes, surrounded by walking paths throughout the forest. It’s a great idea for a walk or a run as well as a daily trip from the busy streets of the city center.

parco delle cave

Parco delle Cave (source)


These are not the only parks to explore in Milan, but they are perhaps the most famous ones. Below is a list of other parks and gardens in Milan to consider:

  • Boscoincitta
  • Parco Forlanini
  • Parco Nord
  • Brera Botanic Gardens
  • Giardini della Guastalla
  • Parco Tre Torri
  • Parco Industria Alfa Romeo – Portello

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