Best 7 Instagrammable Places in Milan You Did Not Know About

best instagrammable places of milan

Milan is super Instagrammable. Everywhere you go you will find charming buildings, pretty cafes, and hidden green courtyards. If you are coming to visit Milan, these are the best 7 Instagrammable places in Milan you did not know about! 

As a local in Milan, these are my top choices and spots I would take you to visit. Let’s dig right in!

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1. Duomo di Milano Rooftops

Let’s start with the list of the best Instagrammable places in Milan. The first place on the list of the most Instagrammable locations in Milan without a doubt goes to the Duomo di Milano rooftops. Duomo di Milano rooftops are a must-see when you visit Milan. These are some of the best spots to take photos on Duomo rooftops.

duomo di milano rooftops, cafesandvoyages
duomo di milano rooftops, cafesandvoyages

Duomo di Milano Rooftops


2. Via Abramo Lincoln

Even though the street of Via Abramo Lincoln is right by the city center, it is unknown to most and it does not often appear as an attraction is Milan city guides. Via Abramo Lincoln is a street full of colorful houses, resembling more Venice (or Burano for that matter) than Milan. The street has an interesting history. It was designed for workers in the Porta Vittoria area of Milan, who later started to make the street more beautiful by adding colors to the facades and plenty of trees and flowers. The gardens and courtyards are kept private up to today but you can enjoy the street and peek between the buildings.

You will find this hidden spot in the Eastern part of the city. Via Abramo Lincoln is easily reached from Duomo by the newest Blue Metro M4 or trams 12 or 19.

via abramo lincoln, best instagrammable places in milan
via abramo lincoln, best instagrammable places in milan

Via Abramo Lincoln

3. Piazza Niccolò Tommaseo

Piazza Niccolò Tommaseo comes fully alive during spring time, when Giardini Renata Tebaldi turn magically pink with blooming magnolias. If you’re in Milan at the end of February or beginning of March, this is an attraction you simply must put on your Milan travel itinerary. The gardens are, In my opinion, one of the most beautiful Instagrammable locations of Milan.

How to reach Piazza Niccolò Tommaseo? Take the red metro from Duomo and get off at Conciliazione (another beautiful square). The piazza is located a few minutes away in the direction of Parco Sempione.

piazza nicolo tommaseo milano

Piazza Niccolò Tommaseo

4. Pink Flamingos in Villa Invernizzi

Did you know there is a hidden spot in the strict center of Milan where you can admire and take photos with beautiful pink flamingos? The pink flamingos of Milan can be found behind Villa Invernizzi, between Corso Venezia and Via Cappuccini. The flamingos are hidden behind lush green trees, have their own little fountain, and are used to and move around freely.

No need to take public transport to find the flamingos – the walk from the center is through one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Milan.


Flamingos in Milan, Villa Invernizzi (source:

5. Casa Galimberti and Casa Guazzoni

Our next hidden Instagrammable place of Milan sits in the fashionable district of Porta Venezia. In the corner between Via Marcello Malpighi and Via Giuseppe Sirtori there are two super famous houses in Porta Venezia – Casa Galimberti and Casa Guazzoni. Both houses are famous for its Liberty style (Art Nouveau) decorated facades and ceramic and iron details, engraved to the buildings. Pleasant on the eyes indeed.

Best way to reach this hidden spot is by taking the red metro at Duomo and get off in Porta Venezia station.

Casa Galimberti (source: milanopocket)

6.Graffiti House in Navigli

This hidden spot of Milan might be a bit peculiar and is likely not recommended anywhere. I was even looking for its name and couldn’t find any mention of it.

I have passed by it multiple times and found it quite interesting. I’m talking about a graffiti house in Via Conchetta in Navigli. I promise to snap a photo the next time I pass by.

If you are not into graffiti and street art you can easily skip this attraction. If street art is one of your passions I do recommend you to pass by the attraction by day (not sure how safe the street is there at night). 

Take tram 3 from Duomo to reach the street and get off at L.Go Mahler Auditorium stop.

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7. Ceresio 7 Rooftop Bar & 21 House of Stories Navigli

Next up are two super cool rooftop bars with some of the best views on Milan’s skyline. First up is Ceresio 7 Rooftop bar, one of the top spots to enjoy aperitivo next to a rooftop pool. The spot is, of course, Instagrammable as no other!

Second is Milan’s newest attraction, a recently opened bistrot and cocktail bar called Domenica, featuring a rooftop terrace on two floors and an infinity pool with a view of Navigli and Darsena. Truly spectacular. For all those interested in learning more, Domenica is part of 21 House of Stories Navigli, a hotel as well as a fancy coworking space.

ceresio 7, best instagrammable places in milan
ceresio 7, best instagrammable places in milan
ceresio 7, best instagrammable places in milan

Ceresio 7


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