Hi there! It's Neja

This is my story

I've always had a dream to live abroad. After spending six months in the UK as an exchange student I decided that moving abroad permanently is something I wish to do in the future.

That was back in 2019. My plans quickly shattered as the first covid outbreak hit. During that time, I was hopelessly searching for job opportunities abroad. My dreams came true when I found a perfect job - in Italy.

So a little less than three years ago, during all covid drama, I took a giant leap of faith, packed my bags, moved to another country, and landed up in Italy, the country of food, life, and amore. I've started off as an intern in an Italian real estate company which now turned into a full time job (yay me!).

I'm currently based in the vibrant city of Milan. My field of work allows me to explore the hidden corners of the city, one of the reasons I know Milan pretty well.

What can you expect to read about?

I will be sharing with you the good, the better, and the best of expat life in Italy, but not just Italy.

I have by now lived in three countries. Slovenia, my home country, England and now Italy, and traveled across a fair share of Europe, always making notes of my adventures. It’s time to put these notes on paper (well, technically on your screens, but you see my point).

You can expect to read about European travel destinations and travel tips, with a special section dedicated to Italy and Milan, my new city.

I invite you to read more on my blog.



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