Best Hotels to Book Near Milano Centrale (2024)

best hotels to book near milano centrale milan

Milano Centrale is Milan’s main train station and one of the most convenient and affordable areas to stay in if you look for a great compromise between the distance from the city center and the train station. The hotels here are mostly modern and well equipped and adapted for frequent travelers. If you are in Milan just for a day or two, Milano Centrale is your ideal location. Why? Read further and discover the 6 best hotels to book near Milano Centrale.

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Why book a hotel near Milano Centrale?

What might surprise you is that you will often find the best and most well-equipped hotels right around Milano Centrale. The hotels here are often tailored for frequent travelers, businessmen, or celebrities who wish to stay as close to the city center as possible but at the same time enjoy the proximity to the train station and airport connections in case of early/late travel.

If you love to move from a train (or plane) directly to the hotel, this location is for you. Bonus, most shuttle buses and trains to the airports leave from Milano Centrale.

Please note that Milano Centrale is often considered not the best area to be walking around at night. I would recommend you to avoid crossing the big square or turning into empty streets at night. But these are recommendations for any big city train station. If you do not plan to travel or move around late at night/early morning, you will enjoy the area as it is 5 minutes from Duomo by metro.


How much does a night at a hotel near Milano Centrale cost?

That depends. For a luxury hotel in the area of Milano Centrale, you can pay up to 500 euros per night, whereas more budget hotels can be found for as little as 100 euros per night.

Compared to the other areas of Milan, booking a hotel near Milano Centrale is relatively cheaper.

1. HD8 Hotel Milano

HD8 Hotel Milano would be my top choice if I were booking a hotel near Milano Centrale. It is located literally across the street from the train station (less than 100m) and has everything – from clean, modern rooms to continental or Italian breakfast, fair price, and city views.

The top-floor suites have epic views of the city skylines and the train station. I know what you might think, what makes a train station special? But trust me, Milano Centrale is one of the most magnificent train stations you will ever visit and totally Instagram-worthy.

If you are a member of the Genius program, you even receive 10% off the full price at HD8 Hotel Milano. Hurry up and apply here.

HD8 hotel milano by
HD8 hotel milano by

HD8 Hotel Milano

2. ME Milan II Duca

A bit more on the pricey side, ME Milan II Duca is for you if you fancy luxury or wish to treat yourself to a nice hotel every here and then. This is a chic hotel, bathing in designs of Italian architect Also Rossi, featuring a contemporary stylish interior equipped with modern technology. 

Fancy an aperitivo? There is a sunset rooftop terrace with daily DJ sets, or, if you wish to stay closer to the ground, a unique Giardino del Duca Bar, serving cocktails and other drinks.

ME Milan II Duca is located a bit further from Milano Centrale, at Milano Repubblica, one of the fanciest modern neighborhoods you could stay in. You will be 1 metro stop from Milano Centrale and 3 stops from Duomo. What else could you wish for?

ME milan II Duca by
ME milan II Duca by

ME Milan II Duca

3. 43 Station Hotel

With over 7.000 positive reviews on, 43 Station Hotel qualifies as one of the most visited hotels in the area of Milano Centrale. This hotel, too, is only 100m away from Milano Centrale and offers all the comfort you need for your stay.

43 Station Hotel is the most affordable hotel on this list. For only a little over 100eur per night, you can enjoy its modern rooms and continental-style breakfast. Free cancelation is optional – you never know when your plans can change.

43 station hotel by
43 station hotel by

43 Station Hotel

4. Starhotels Echo

I have come across Starhotels Echo recently and I simply had to add it to the list of best hotels to book near Milano Centrale. Starhotels Echo is a perfect blend of modernity with soothing beige and brown tones and touches of lush greenery.

The prices of Starhotels Echo are mid-range but still affordable. Expect to pay around 150eur per night for a superior room. Your bathroom will even include a bathrobe and slippers, how thoughtful?

The guests particularly praise the comfort of the room and the beds, the amazing views, and the delicious breakfast. Most would return to this hotel if they were returning to Milan.

starhotels echo by
starhotels echo by

Starhotels Echo

5. Windsor Hotel Milano

Windsor Hotel Milano is another amazing choice if you wish to stay in the Central Station area. Its exact location is in Milano Repubblica, 10 minutes away from Milano Centrale. 

The hotel is marked as especially convenient for the commute, with a tram stop right outside it that goes to the City Center. All rooms have delicious breakfast included in the hotel’s bistro, where you can also come for lunch, dinner, or aperitivo.

Windsor hotel milano by
Windsor hotel milano by

Windsor Hotel Milano

6. C-Hotels Atlantic

Last but not least on our list of Best hotels to book near Milano Centrale is the C-Hotels Atlantic, located just down one of the main streets from Milano Centrale.

Convenient for travelers, this hotel offers early breakfast and links to Malpensa and Linate Airports. Also here a 10% Genius discount applies for members.

c-hotels Atlantic milano by

We are almost at the end of the blog post. To quickly sum it up. Booking a hotel near Milano Centrale is for you if you:

  • are coming to Milan for a day or two
  • wish to be as close to the main train station and airports as possible
  • do not mind staying 10min from the City Center
  • look for comfort and amenities at a reasonable price

Visiting Milan? Welcome

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