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Whether you are a first time traveler or frequent visitor of Milan, finding a good hotel in a good area can be a struggle. The list of hotels and apartments in Milan is endless and getting longer day by day. I’m here to help you save the time (and money).

Here is an extended list of the best hotels in Milan, filtered by areas with some fantastic deals you should take advantage of. 

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“Centro storico” is the old city center of Milan. You would want to stay here if you have the budget of at least a couple of hundred euros per night. A night or two can cost up to 1000eur in this elite zone. Centro storico is super safe but also super overpacked with tourists, especially over the weekends. If this is not your vibe, I invite you to keep on reading as there are plenty of other beautiful areas in Milan!

Suggested hotels in the City Center of Milan

The Glamore Milano Duomo by
B&B Hotel Milano Sant'Ambrogio by

The Glamore Milano Duomo (left) and B&B Hotel Milano Sant’Ambrogio (right)



Walk 10 minutes from the center up North and you are in Brera, one of the most fashionable districts of Milan. Brera’s vibe is best described by cobblestone paved streets full of exclusive shops, bars, restaurants, the famous Pinacoteca di Brera and plenty of people hanging out for a lunch or aperitivo. If you are lucky you can book a stay on one of the most charming Milanese streets – Via Madonnina.

Suggested hotels in Brera

Atelier de Charme Brera-Duomo by
RELStay Brera District by

Atelier de Charme (left) and RELStay Brera District (right)


Navigli is a youthful neighbourhood with plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightlife. If you decide to stay in Navigli expect a lot of action and things happening. It can get a bit noisy at night but that depends on where in the area you decide to stay. Piazza XXIV Maggio, Corso di Porta Ticinese and the area right on the Naviglio Grande canal can get super loud, especially during the summer. What else to consider – staying on top of the Naviglio canal can be beautiful, but there is a catch. Expect endless amounts of mosquitoes in summer!

Suggested stays in Navigli

Suggested hostels in Navigli

21 House of Stories Milano Navigli by
Alzaia Naviglio Grande by

21 House of Stories (left) and Alzaia Naviglio Grande (right)


Another popular area of Milan to book a hotel in is Porta Venezia. Personally, I do not like it too much. In my opinion, the main street of Porta Venezia – Corso Buenos Aires is far too chaotic to let you enjoy the city. But that’s just me. If you love being close to the center but also on a good shopping street, surrounded by some of the most amazing cafes, Porta Venezia is the place to be!

Suggested hotels in Porta Venezia


If you instead don’t mind being a bit further out of the center, these are some of the options I would personally recommend.

Quick note: Milan is small and well connected by the public transport. Even the area that seems far out, it is no more than 30min away from Duomo. 

Suggested hotels in the outskirts of Milan

Ibis Milano Cà Granda by
B&B Hotel Milano Portello by

Hotel Ibis Milano Cà Granda (left) and B&B Hotel Milano Portello (right)

I hope the list of best hotels by area in Milan will come in handy when booking your next stay in Milan! 

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