How to Get Milan Travel Card – Your Monthly Pass with ATM?

milan travel card

Milan’s public transport system is excellent. You can use the trams, buses, and metro unlimited times within a particular area. You can find everything there is to know about public transport in Milan HEREHow about if you live in Milan and use public transport daily? The most convenient for you is to get a Milan Travel Card.

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Moving to Milan?

What is a Milan Travel Card?

Milan Travel Card is a public transport card/travel pass that substitutes the paper tickets you can purchase at ATM machines or in tabacchi stores. The public transport card in Milan comes in bright orange and can be used to access all types of public transport, at unlimited times. It is assigned to a specific person. That means the card will be in your name (unlike paper cards which are general) and you will not be able to lend it to anyone else. Take it as an ID card for public transport 🙂

Here is an example of what a Milan Travel Card looks like:

Milan ATM travel card example

Milan Travel Card – Monthly pass

How to request a Milan Travel card?

ATM Milano is the provider to go to for your public transport card. You will pay 10€ for the card, which is then valid for 4 years from the day you purchased it. Always save the receipt in case you ever lose your travel card.

There are several options to get your own Milan Travel Card:

1. Apply online and pick up the card from a self-service printing machine

This is the newest option added by ATM. The steps are as follows:

  1. Register on the ATM website and access your personal area
  2. Click on “request a new card”
  3. Choose your subscription (skip the step if you will top the card up later)
  4. Collect your card from Tessy, the self-service printing machine, located in these metro stations
  5. Enter the code ATM sends you by email and pick up the card

Note: You can also request for your card to be delivered to your home address within 10 days of the purchase. The shipping costs will come at 5eur.

2. Request your travel card at one of the ATM points

If you prefer to request your card in person, you can visit one of the ATM points. These are located at metro stations in Duomo, Centrale, Cadorna, Garibaldi, Loreto, Romolo, and Zara.

The ATM website suggests making an appointment. You can do so by downloading the ATM official app. Make sure to check the work hours of your chosen ATM point on this link.

You can also try going without an appointment. So far I always managed, just mind not to go there during rush hour. 

The staff will give you a paper to fill in with your personal data and ask for documentation (see which one below). Afterward, you will need to pay the 10eur for the card and they will print it in front of you.

Note: the staff usually do not speak English. 

3. Request the card with all authorised resellers (bars, newsstands, etc.)

I have not tried neither have I heard of someone requesting the Milan Travel Card through an authorized reseller so I’m not an expert on this point. If you do not speak Italian I suggest to request your card online. 🙂 

What documentation is needed to present with a request:

  • ID or Passport
  • Codice Fiscale (read about what codice fiscale is and how to get it for free here)
  • A passport-sized photo for the staff to scan

How do I top up my Milan Travel Card?

The easiest and fastest way to top up your travel pass is through the ATM app (available for both iOS and Android).

  1. Download the app
  2. Register or login
  3. Add your travel card – click on “travel cards”
  4. Choose a travel pass
  5. Proceed with the purchase (Apple Pay, credit card, Paypal, or Satispay)

Here you can choose between several travel passes:

  • Monthly pass for under 27: 22€
  • Ordinary monthly pass: 39€
  • 3 monthly passes
  • Annual pass for under 27: 200€
  • Ordinary annual pass: 330€ 

If you’re in Milan for a longer period, I suggest buying the annual pass. You will save 60€ if you’re under 27 or 138€ if you’re above 27 and that’s a fair saving!

ATM Milan app

Local tip: If you work in Milan you are entitled to a lower fare travel pass if you’re under 30. To get the discounted pass, you need to request ISEE (Indicator of equivalent economic situation) at one of the local CAF stations and present your request in person (bringing the ISEE document with you) at one of the ATM points.

Important note if you top up your Milan Travel Card online

Once you’ve purchased your travel card online, it’s not immediately valid! You need to first validate the card in one of the metro stations to activate the pass. You can do so at the special little screens, where you simply hold the card against the screen until the machine says it’s validated. Without validating the card, you will not be able to enter the metro, likewise, the ticket control can fine you.

Tip: Avoid validating the card on the 1st of the month! The lines in front of the validating machines are extremely long and you will lose a lot of time. I’ve once waited for 25min which made me miss a meeting.

Other options to top up your Milan Travel Card

Alternatively, you can also top up your card through your personal area on the ATM website, directly at the ATM point, or at the orange vending machines in metro stations.

As you can see, requesting a Milan Travel Card is super easy and you can do it completely alone without speaking a word of Italian!

If you would, however, like to request a card in person, I suggest learning at least a few words in Italian. Read about the tips and tricks to help you learn Italian in under 2 months.

I am always happy to help with any questions about moving to or living in Milan or Italy in general. Drop me a message with your questions or read my story of how I ended up in Italy!


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  1. I will be renting an Air BB in Milan Isola area for one month. Can my husband and I, as a US visitor, purchase a one month transportation card? we are not planning to have a car.

    1. Hey! You can get a monthly pass only with a valid codice fiscale (Italian tax code). I assume you and your husband as visitors do not have one? If that’s so then unfortunately, it won’t be possible. Perhaps you can try with single tickets or combine them with 3 day passes? Or check directly on ATM machines when you arrive to find the most suitable option 🙂

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