Best International Cafes to Work in Milan

best international cafes to work in milan

While working remotely from a café is something pretty normal in other countries, it’s just not common in Italy. Despite Italy’s well-known coffee culture, I have been really struggling to find the best cafés to work from in Milan. I have eventually found some pretty cool ones! They are all internationally friendly, with amazing coffee (and snacks), and the best – they allow you to work remotely. Remote workers, freelancers, students, and coffee lovers… buckle up, prepare your laptop, and start taking notes, below is the list of the best international cafes to work in Milan.


Orsonero Coffee

@orsonero on Instagram

Orsonero Coffee is a specialty coffee bar in a calm street a few steps from Corso Buenos Aires in Porta Venezia. The bar was opened by Canadian Brent Jopson and his wife Giulia and is now a popular hanging out spot for internationals. Orsonero Coffee is designed in a minimalistic style and offers specialty coffee and baked goods. The vibe itself is extremely cosy, and you get a view on the nearby green park.

It’s not one of the largest international cafés to work in Milan. The seating area inside is smaller (about 5 tables) and most of the spots are outside. Despite the size, I have, however, always found a free spot to work from.

The tables inside are equipped with sockets, so not to worry if you haven’t charged your laptop at home. Overall a super cool place to work from.

Address: Via Giuseppe Broggi 15, 20129 Milano

Open Tuesday – Friday, 8.00 am – 5.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, Sunday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.
Closed on Mondays

NOWHERE Future Coffee Roasters

@nowherecafe.milano on Instagram

Nowhere Future Coffee Roasters is a lovely, pink styled cafe, with a brand new location in-between Navigli and the City Center. Nowhere Cafe is a popular gathering place for international students and workers.

The staff is super friendly and will let you chill or work in the cafe, with plenty of space inside. There are also separate workstations, perfect to work and admire the classic Italian street outside.

Nowhere Coffee is famous for specialty coffees, desserts, and brunches, so you’ll find something no matter the time of the day and level of hungriness. When you’re there, you absolutely have to try their desserts, they’re so delicious (in the photo – the fluffiest cheesecake I’ve ever had. Dying to try their banana bread next time!).

Address: Via Vetere 14, 20123 Milano

Open Tuesday – Friday, 8.30 am – 4.00 pm, weekends 9.30 am – 4.00 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Nowhere cafe Milano

Starbucks Coffee

It sounds basic (and we’re in Italy, the land of good coffee), but Starbucks still is one of the best places to work or study from. The ambiance in Starbucks is always calm, with plenty of people working remotely while enjoying Starbucks coffee and snacks.

There are several Starbucks coffee shops in Milan. My favorites to work from are definitely:

  • Starbucks Vercelli in Conciliazione (Piazzale Francesco Baracca 10, 20123 Milano)
  • Starbucks Restelli in Isola (Viale Francesco Restelli 5, 20124 Milano)
  • Starbucks Garibaldi in Porta Garibaldi (Corso Garibaldi 118, 20121 Milano)

Starbucks Centrale in the main train station is pretty cool as well, though it often lacks space due to being on a traveling route.

I would not recommend you choose the Starbucks reserve in Cordusio as a work/study place – the place is overcrowded with tourists, everyone is rushing to get tables and it’s generally too loud. Unless you like that, of course.

Starbucks Reserve Milano

Milano Roastery

@milanoroastery on Instagram

Now you might confuse Milano Roastery with the Starbucks Reserve in the center of Milan. Milano roastery however is a completely different place to the Starbucks Reserve. This chic, post-industrial-style designed cafe and restaurant is located in the lively area of Porta Romana, right by the metro station.

While outside might get a bit loud and crowded, the spaces inside are ideal for working. I recommend sitting either behind the tall tables next to the windows or heading upstairs to the loft area for a more relaxing atmosphere. 

What I absolutely love about Milano Roastery is the fact that you get extremely good coffee at a super fair price – something hard to find in similar cafés to work in Milan. A large latte macchiato, for example, costs €2.80. In the mornings, Milano Roastery serves fresh baked pastry, while for lunch it turns into a popular spot for workers from nearby companies. Note only that you can not work in Milano Roastery remotely during lunch break.

Address: Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro 3, 20135 Milano

Open Monday – Saturday, 7.30 am – 9.00 pm, closed on Sundays

Milano Roastery

Other best international cafes to work in Milan

Some other international cafes for remote workers in Milan that I’ve been recommended, but have not had the chance to visit yet:

Upcycle Bike Cafè in Città Studi (Via Andrea Maria Ampère 59, 20131 Milano)

RAB Milano – Questo non è un bar in Navigli (Corso San Gottardo 41, 20136 Milano)

Hygge in San Vittore (Via Giuseppe Sapeto 3, 20123 Milano)

Hope you’ve found my list of best international cafés to work from in Milan useful. The blog Cafés & Voyages is not titled like that for nothing after all! 🙂

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