Where To Find An Apartment For Rent in Milan

where to find an apartment in milan

You have decided to move to Milan and have landed on this page, wanting to know how to find an apartment for rent in Milan. Finding an apartment in Milan is indeed a process, but I am here to make it easier for you.

How does finding an apartment for rent in Italy, where English is not widely spoken, work? What do you need to rent an apartment in Milan? Where to look for apartments and when is the right time to start looking for an apartment for rent in Milan? How expensive even is Milan?

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How expensive is it to rent an apartment in Milan?

Renting an apartment in Milan takes patience. Milan is currently facing a large shortage of apartments and an extremely high demand. 

On top of that, Milan is expensive. The costs of living as well as the rent costs in Milan have increased and still are increasing massively. At the moment, you can expect to pay for apartments in non-central, but safe areas (updated April 2024):

  • €1300 to €1700 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment in Milan
  • €1000 per month for a studio apartment in Milan
  • €750 or more per month for a single room in a shared apartment in Milan
  • €500 to €600 per month for a bed in a double room, again in a shared apartment

Yes, the prices are indeed crazy. Moreover, the rent prices listed above are all without extra expenses, such as electricity and gas bills or WiFi.

When to start the apartment search?

If you’re moving to Milan, DO NOT start looking at the last second. I suggest starting to look as soon as possible, even before your arrival in Milan. I know many who have arrived in Milan and have been looking for apartments for months while paying for expensive hotels.

Where to look for apartments for rent in Milan?

First of all, you would want to clear the question about the duration of your stay in Milan. How long are you coming to Milan for? Is it just one semester at university or an Erasmus exchange, maybe a year or more for studies/work? 

Where to look for apartments for rent in Milan will strongly depend on how long you would like to stay. 

The two major platforms for both, short and long-term apartment rentals in Milan are Immobiliare and Idealista.  Immobiliare and Idealista both work in a similar way. You will find listings from either private owners or real estate agencies. How to spot the difference? Apartments managed through an agency will have the real estate agency’s logo in the advertisement. 

Similar platforms, but not as popular, are Casa.it and Nestpick.

Companies like Airbnb (expensive) or Booking.com are ideal for short-term rentals, Uniplaces or Spotahome manage medium to long-term rentals, whereas long-term rentals can be found through private owners or real estate agencies. 

What about Facebook groups for apartment rentals?

What about Facebook groups? Moving to a new city, you must have joined at least one Milan Facebook Group.

Now I do not recommend looking for an apartment through Facebook groups unless you’re looking for a room in a shared apartment or trying to find roommates with who you can then rent an apartment in Milan together. Unfortunately, Facebook is full of scammers and it saddens me to see how many people get burned by the scammers each day.

Important: Never pay without seeing the apartment first. Go see the apartment in person or at least through a video visit. If it seems fishy, it is fishy. If the rental conditions or the price are too good to be true, likely the advertisement is a scam.

Should I rent an apartment in Milan privately or through a real estate agency?

It all comes down to your preferences. I strongly recommend renting an apartment in Milan through a real estate agency or a rental platform, especially if this is your first time renting an apartment in Italy and you are not familiar with requirements, obligations, and contract types.

Yes, real estate agencies will charge you a commission fee somewhere between 10-15% of the annual rent, but it is worth it and you will receive all the support you need.

Some real estate agencies and rental platforms in Milan, specializing in rentals to international clients:

On the other hand, renting an apartment through a private owner might make it easier to negotiate the rental conditions. To rent privately I suggest speaking Italian or knowing someone who knows the language. Most owners don’t speak English and can take advantage of you not being Italian. This is another reason why it is important to learn Italian.

Which documents do I need to rent an apartment in Milan?

I get this question a lot. You will need to present the following documentation to rent an apartment in Milan:

  • ID Documents
  • Codice Fiscale (yes, it is important to have one for a rental contract)
  • University enrolment papers or work contracts depending on whether you are in Milan studying or working
  • If requested by the agency/owner also financial documents as security for the payments

The rental conditions usually include a security deposit, that can go up to three monthly rents as well as the first monthly rent, both paid in advance. If renting through an agency, count in the agency fee. 

Which are the best areas to live in Milan?

I’ve already prepared two special posts on this topic, you can read both below:

  1. Best Areas to Stay in Milan as Expat
  2. Areas to Avoid in Milan

Happy reading! 🙂

For any questions related to apartments in Milan, or generally about life in Italy, I am available at cafesandvoyages@gmail.com.

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