The List of Best European Cities to Visit in Spring (2024)

the list of european cities to visit this spring

Spring is the perfect time to travel across Europe. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and the off-season plane tickets make the spring ideal if you travel on a budget. Here is a list of the best European cities to visit this spring.  

The list is based on personal recommendations. I’ve visited all the cities listed (some multiple times) and enjoyed them a lot!

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Though many say it’s best to travel during the Easter break or around May 1st (Labor Day), I would not recommend doing it, unless you have a higher budget. The plane tickets and hotel prices are at their peak for Easter and Labor Day. Instead, choose a random week or a weekend during spring. You will save on plane tickets and accommodation.



London is without a doubt my favourite European city to visit in spring. I’ve been to London five times already and can’t wait to return. The weather in spring gets nicer and the city returns back to life after winter, so the time is perfect for visiting. During late March and April, London turns magically pink and purple. This period is famous for the blooming cherry blossoms and magnolias, which you can find all around London – anywhere from Hyde Park to Notting Hill.

If you are visiting London for multiple days, book train tickets and visit Brighton, Oxford, or Cambridge nearby.

London Tower Bridge

Trafalgar Square (top), Tower Bridge (left), Notting Hill (right)


Belgium might not be your typical destination to visit in spring, but it’s definitely worth the visit. Unlike London, Brussels blooms in full colors slightly later – towards the end of April.  Spring in Brussels marks the start of festivities and fun things to do, such as the Belgian Chocolate Workshop or Beer-Tasting Tour. Brussels is also a great point to visit nearby Belgium cities, such as Ghent, Antwerp, or Bruges.

Brussels is the city to visit in spring with the cheapest flight tickets – a return plane ticket from Milan to Brussels will cost you only 30€.

Brussels, Belgium

Mont des Arts (Brussels)


Known for the blooming tulip fields, the Netherlands and Amsterdam are perfect travel choices in spring. The best month to see the blooming tulips is from mid-April to early May. Spring is also ideal to experience Amsterdam through the eyes of locals –  jump on a bike and pedal around the city. There are countless things to do in Amsterdam in spring, including canal boat tours, the Heineken Museum Experience, and trips to tulip fields.

Amsterdam however is a tiny bit more expensive. The return tickets from Milan cost from 80 to 100€, off-season.


Amsterdam canals


Coming from Slovenia, this recommendation for the best European city to visit in spring might sound slightly biased. Ljubljana’s city center is small and perfect to enjoy in warm spring weather. Since the city center is completely closed to traffic, I recommend exploring the city by bike. 

When in Ljubljana, have a stroll along the river, discover the city’s old town with many typical shops and restaurants, visit the Ljubljana castle for a dashing view, or climb one of the nearby hills to enjoy Slovene nature. If time allows you, go on a trip to nearby Bled Lake or Postojna Cave.

Reaching Ljubljana by train or bus is easy as both stations are only 5 min away from the city center. If you reach the country by plane, I suggest booking a GoOpti transfer from the airport. Enjoy my 5€ discount on your first ride by entering the following discount code: RFLIUDX9XT13

Note: Slovenia isn’t well connected in terms of air transport, therefore I recommend flying to an airport in Italy or Croatia and reaching Ljubljana by train or Flixbus. The best way to explore Slovenia is actually by car!

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana old town


If you’ve decided to visit Switzerland this spring, don’t miss out on Luzern (Lucerne). Located in the central, German-speaking part of Switzerland, Luzern is super safe and offers a perfect spring escape. The city is known for its picturesque medieval architecture and wooden bridges (you have likely seen those on postcards). As it is situated around the lake, Luzern is ideal for a stroll or a boat tour. Make sure to also visit Mount Pilatus when in Luzern. The quickest way to do so is by cable car or railway.

Since there is no airport in Luzern, you will have to fly to a nearby airport and take the bus or train. I flew to Zürich and hopped on Flixbus to Luzern.

TRAVELING TO SWITZERLAND? Read my Zürich Travel Guide or Bern Travel Guide

Luzern, Switzerland


The spring in Scotland tends to be one of the driest seasons, with daytime almost as long as in summer. Edinburgh is thus the perfect city to visit in spring. As it’s not high season yet, this gives you the perfect opportunity to avoid the crowds and explore the city at your pace. Starting from as early as March, Edinburgh starts blooming with millions of flowers and pink cherry blossoms.

Traditionally, spring in Edinburgh is the time of the Beltane Fire Festival, the celebration of spring by the Celtic calendar. The event takes place at the end of April (30th April). Several other spring celebrations take place in spring as well.

You can book return plane tickets from Milan to Edinburgh for only 50€.

Edinburgh, Scotland


The next city on my list of European cities to visit in spring is Prague. The best weather in Prague tends to be during late spring or early autumn (I have in fact visited Prague in September). Prague is particularly green. You will be able to admire several gardens that are fully blooming in springtime. If you’re a fan of beer – Prague’s Czech Beer Festival takes place in mid-May!

You can fly from Milan to Prague for as low as 40€ (return ticket) during March, April, and May.

Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Prague


Following up on my list of best cities to visit this spring is Dublin. If you decide to visit this green Irish capital, make sure to do so during the month of March. March in Dublin is the time of the St Patrick’s Day Festival, an experience like no other. For things to do in Dublin in spring, I recommend visiting the Jameson distillery which includes whiskey tasting and lots and lots of cocktails.

The flight tickets from Milan to Dublin are currently on sale for 30€ one way.

Dublin, Ireland


Don’t forget that springtime is ideal for visiting Milan. Spring in Milan is the time of several events, including Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week. The weather is pleasant, the days sunny, and the city starts bustling again, with aperitivo places and restaurants open long into the night. Milan blooms beautifully through March – my favorite place to see the blooming magnolias is by the church of Santa Maria Segreta, in Piazza Nicolò Tommaseo (left photo).

If you’re planning to visit Milan this spring, make sure to read the Milan Travel Guide, with a list of things to do in Milan and local tips! 🙂

For all information about Milan and its yearly events, head to my Milan page.

These were my recommendations for the best European cities to visit this spring.

It’s now time to book your tickets while the prices are still low and start planning your trip. 🙂

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