10 Best Places to Visit in Europe In November

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November might not seem like a perfect month for a city escape in Europe, however… do not give up on the idea of traveling in Europe this November just yet. November is a month during the low touristy season, meaning it has one of the cheapest plane tickets and accommodations there are. It is the perfect time to visit otherwise crowded locations, such as Rome or Paris, and avoid the heat that is otherwise present in summer. These are the 10 best places to visit in Europe in November.

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LONDON, England

Starting our list of best places to visit in Europe in November with London.

London is my top choice to travel to any time during the year. Yes, London is rainy during November, but do not let that stop you from visiting. London in November gives you a perfect chance to discover the city when it is less crowded. Imagine skipping the usual long queue for The London Eye or The Tower of London and saving hours!

For all of you traveling on a budget in Europe – the flight tickets to London in November are one of the cheapest and the city is less expensive than during the Christmas period. The cheapest round trip plane tickets I have found are to London at 28eur.

London Tower Bridge

The second part of November marks the start of London’s Christmas Markets. You will find Christmas Markets all around London, from Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to Greenwich Christmas Market.

If your primary goal is to go London shopping, November 24 – 27 is ideal. Those are the days of the 2023 Black Friday Sales.


PARIS, France

If you are looking for a big city escape full of culture, fine art, and dining, and you adore looking at beautiful buildings, Paris is the perfect destination for you. 

Even though Paris is (like London) rainy for about half of November, that does not give an excuse to not visit. Pack up some comfortable boots, a stylish trench coat, and an umbrella and you are good to go. Take the rain as an excuse to visit the best cafés in Paris.

Since Paris is less crowded in November you will need to wait less to visit main attractions, like The Louvre Museum and The Palace of Versailles.

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Paris is also the third cheapest destination I have found while browsing for flights in November. A return ticket to Paris in November costs no more than 50 euros. Another reason to add Paris to your list of places to visit in Europe this November.


Brussels is not just a European Institution city but a perfect European city to visit in November. For all those wondering, Brussels is rich in history with a beautiful city center. Combine that with an unlimited supply of fries and waffles and you have a perfect city escape this November.

Some must-do things when in Brussels include visiting the Grand Palace, the Atomium, and going for a Belgian Beer at the one and only Delirium café Brussels. Delirium is a café holding a Guinness world record in the number of beers available for tasting – you can taste over 2000 beers from around the world!

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From Brussels, you can easily hop on a train and visit the neighboring cities of Antwerpen, Ghent, or Brugge. Each of the cities has its special charm and its own Christmas market from late November on. Many say Brugge has one of the nicest Christmas Markets in Europe.

Quickly add Brussels to your list of the best places to visit this November.


Tired of the rain and the cold? The Spanish island of Tenerife is a perfect choice for you. Tenerife has mild and sunny weather all year round and on average only 4 rainy days in November. Temperatures in November are around 23 degrees and you can easily enjoy long strolls on the beach in shorts. If you are brave you can even go for a swim.

There are so many reasons to visit Tenerife in November. Tenerife is perfect if you love nature and activities, beach life, and Spanish cuisine. You can do everything: go on hikes, go paragliding, take boat tours, go stargazing, explore the famous Mount Teide Volcano, and do not forget to visit Loro Parque.

Cafes and Voyages
Mirador de Samara El Teide - What to do on El Teide

Flight tickets to Tenerife are slightly more expensive, but the cheaper life on the island makes up for it!

It’s also a must to rent a car in Tenerife, it’s the best way to see the island!


Barcelona in November is a great idea. The city is sunny with many things to do, the flight tickets are one of the cheapest throughout the year, and the period is the best to avoid the summer and holiday crowds.

Without the usual squeezing within the crowds, your visit to La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell will be much more pleasant, you will enjoy your churros (I recommend La Pallaresa Xocolateria Xurreria in the Gothic Quarter) without the need to wait in line, and your overall stay will be much more relaxed.

Barcelona Food Market
La Sagrada Familia - Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is perfect for a few days trip or as a daily adventure. If you are considering traveling to the island of Tenerife, Barcelona is a perfect pit stop on the way there and back and a good way to save on plane tickets.

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ROME, Italy

If you haven’t visited Rome yet, this November might as well be the perfect time to do so. Rome is one of the top European destinations at the moment. I am not the one to fall in love with many cities but Rome absolutely stole my heart back in November 2021.

November is the time when temperatures in Rome lower down to 19 degrees and the city becomes less packed with tourists. While you might not be able to avoid crowds by the Trevi Fountain (which are there all the time anyway), you will avoid the long queues for other main attractions. I have not waited for a split second on my trip!

Colosseo, Rome
Fontana di Trevi - Trevi Fountain Rome

What can you do in Rome in November? Besides being able to actually visit the Colosseum and Palatine Hill without walking in a slow line, autumn is the start of the football season in Italy. If you’re a fan you can go watch a football match! If not, why not go to a concert?


MUNICH, Germany

Munich is not only famous for Oktoberfest and beer but is actually a great city escape if you do not mind the colder weather. November is less popular to visit Munich, so the streets are accordingly less packed with tourists.

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Take a stroll through the city center, go on a brewery tour, or try glühwein at a local bar to warm up (they usually start serving it in November). If you are up for a trip, why not go to Neuschwanstein Castle (photo below) or take a daily trip to Salzburg in Austria?

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Budapest is in my opinion best experienced during the autumn days. The days get fresher, the crowds smaller, and the overall feel is much more pleasant without the lines of tourists.

A visit to Budapest’s Thermal Baths is perfect in November to warm up after a day of walking. Not to mention that the Budapest Christmas Markets start in November, a perfect excuse to eat the traditional Hungarian Chimney Cake every day!

scape, budapest, parliament-92603.jpg

And if the weather is not the best, don’t worry. Budapest has a rich culture of cafés and coffee houses. Choose your favourite spot to admire life in the city.


I have lived in Sicily for a couple of months during winter a few years back and can say from experience that those months in Sicily are awesome. Forget the unbearable heat of 40+ degrees Celsius in summer when you can have 22 degrees and sunny days in November. Perfect to explore this architecture and food-rich island!

What I do suggest is to avoid traveling to Sicily during the first week of November and also the first week of December. Want to know why? These are the days of holidays in Italy (1 November – All Saints Day, 8 December – Feast of the Immaculate Conception). Italians take holidays super seriously. Many people from Sicily who work in the north of Italy will take a couple of days off work to fly home. Thus you can expect unreasonably expensive flight tickets.

LISBON, Portugal

Finishing our list of 10 best places to visit in Europe in November with another warm destination – Lisbon. Lisbon in November offers mild temperatures so be prepared to pack your clothes in layers. A break from the summer high season brings some off-season charm with cheaper accommodation.

For a nice hotel in a central area, you will spend no more than 150eur per night (for 2 people).

lisbon, tram, portugal-8275988.jpg

There are so many things to do in Lisbon in November –  the month is rich with cultural events like the Lisbona Film Festival, the opening of the Christmas markets, and several other markets and fairs. A good idea is to visit the museums during this less-crowded period.

In conclusion

November is one of the best months to travel in Europe. Cheap plane tickets, on-budget accommodation, and less crowded cities make November perfect for travel. And let’s not forget November marks the start date of Christmas Markets!

I hope my list of the 10 best places to visit in Europe in November was helpful for you to start planning your next trip. Which of the destinations will you travel to this November?

Let me know in the comment section below and happy planning! 


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